“Sunday's [concert] featured violinist Stirling Trent, a Colleyville native trained at Southern Methodist University and the Juilliard School, and pianist Jonathan Tsay, an Arlington native who's gone from SMU to the University of Montreal. Their impeccable performance of the Ravel Sonata for violin and piano was the afternoon's highlight.”
Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News

"...Like all of Saint-Saëns’ piano music, and all the silly goings-on aside, these two parts [in Le carnaval des animaux] are very difficult to play and require the skills of a consummate concert artist. Both Rojas and Tsay dispatched the difficulties with a flourish."
Gregory Sullivan Isaacs, TheaterJones

“Jonathan Tsay is the genuine article, whose name and playing deserve a place of esteem in the hearts and libraries of music lovers everywhere. I cannot recommend him highly enough”
John Bell Young, author, critic, pianist
Read Young’s full testimony here (in .pdf format)

"...the five young musicians who performed... exhibited musicality and technique, the latter most impressively in evidence during Tsay’s riveting performance of Berg’s Op. 1 Piano Sonata (in one movement)."
J. Robin Coffelt, TheaterJones

"Jonathan Tsay a interprété... [le] Sonate de Franz Liszt. Ce fût un enchantement!"
Action Verdun